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To tell the story of Les Gâtés, a shoe and handbag boutique in Turin that has a long family tradition of craftsmanship behind it, we chose a completely renewed approach, modern and familiar at the same time, creating a contemporary and easily usable showcase site to foreground the different annual collections but above all the people who, for more than 35 years, have been animating the success of this artisanal business.
Shoes, bags and accessories, strictly 100% Made in Italy, are the protagonists of our product shoots and communication campaigns that find space on the store’s social channels (Facebook and Instagram); for Les Gâtés, we also take care of the graphics of the different events and weekly promotions, creating a coordinated and continuous marketing and communication plan, which has allowed the boutique to significantly increase the involvement of end customers and double its sales in a short time, making the result of the investment in communication concrete, tangible and immediate.


Les Gâtés

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